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    I just purchased a condo with a leaky bathroom sink issue. Wasn't sure if the supply line needed to be replaced or maybe the faucet handle cartridge. So I did my own research on YouTube, but decided to let a professional check this out (because let's be honest, I have no business trying to "fix" this).

    I called Fred and had an appointment the NEXT day. He was early, gave me an estimate, gave me options and advice, and let me decide (which was to replace the faucet fixture since it was rotted/rusted and the cartridge needed replacing anyway). I went to Home Depot to grab the new faucet fixture. Although he told me EXACTLY what I needed to buy, my dumb self got flustered, feeling in a hurry and not finding a Home Depot helper... and bought the wrong darn fixture! WTH is wrong with me! I had one job. Fred was kind and told me I bought the wrong one.

    Here is what was truly impressive: Fred went to Home Depot WITH ME (only about 1.5 miles away) to choose the right one. He went through a few boxes and helped me pick a good brand, with good quality and at a decent/moderate price. Who does that?!!?? I'll tell you who. My dad would. Only my dad. So I am so grateful I called American Ace. He installed it quickly and, after a week, all is well in my bathroom!

    - Chancie H.